ELE Speakers List

Here is a list of previous speakers and lectures of English Language Evenings.
(Note, all the meetings listed below of the first three seasons were held when the ELE was called the "English Language Discussion Club" [ELDC].)
All those listed below gave of their time and energy to speak to the ELE for which they are thanked!

18th season (2015/2016)

May 20, 2016

'A Tourist in North Korea'
Images and Impressions

Ian Luyt

Ian Luyt has lived and worked in Moscow for over 14 years. He is a photographer and occasional travel writer and in real life a consultant in the food and agribusiness sectors. He works with importers of fine foods from South Africa into the Russian market.

April 22, 2016

"U.S. Presidential Elections: Is There a Patterning of Electoral Outcomes?"

Joseph Mancos

Since the industrialization of U.S. society in the 1890's, the outcome of Presidential elections appears to follow a pattern based on shifts in the electorate within each of the two political parties. These shifts are a response to crises that develop in American society. The intent of this lecture is to discuss these crises and the impact on past and future Presidential elections. This patterning of electoral behavior can perhaps predict the winner of the 2016 Presidential election.
Joseph Mancos is a Professor of Political Science at Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina. He teaches courses in American politics, Constitutional Law, and political economy. Joseph is currently in Russia under a Fulbright grant to teach a course in the political history of the United States at Moscow State Pedagogical University. Joseph has visited Russia on five different occasions first coming to Moscow in 1977. He has twice brought students from his university to tour the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Joseph is captivated by the Russian culture and people, and always looks forward to visiting Moscow.

April 8, 2016


David Wansbrough

March 25, 2016


David Wansbrough

March 11, 2016

Optimism in a Changing World

Cayce Orion

February 26, 2016

On the 26th February, Martin Williams, a teacher and writer will deliver a lecture:

How Many Englishes Are There?

British English. American English. Australian English. Indian English. Business English. Dental English. Exam English. Formal English. Colloquial English. Written English. Spoken English. Accents. Dialects. There are so many ways in which English is classified, this lecture is designed to stimulate discussion about the merits of different Englishes and the ways in which they are correctly or incorrectly categorised.

February 12, 2016

It's Too Late to Stop Now... on being educated by music in America.

John Freedman will deliver a lecture on February the 12th entitled: It's Too Late to Stop Now... on being educated by music in America.
John Freedman has made his living writing about Russian theater, drama and literature, but his secret love is American music, or, at least, music inspired by American music. That means rock, jazz, folk, anything that musically reflects the American idiom. That may mean the music of Irishman Van Morrison, one of the greatest interpreters of American music ever, or it may mean Bob Dylan, who has incorporated and transformed the American musical idiom more than anyone else in his time. John spent his early years in the 1970s near Los Angeles driving into the city to catch all - or, at least, most - of the great musicians coming through town. He still lives by what they taught him, or, as Bruce Sprinsteen famously sang: "I learned more from a three-minute record, baby, than I ever learned in school!"

January 29, 2016

"Scotland the Brave!"

On the 29th of January, Ian Mitchell will give an overview of Scotland's thousand year-long relationship with England, the three hundred year-long story of the Union between the two countries and the hundred year-long growth of ideas in Scotland for unravelling that Union. He will end with a personal assessment of the likelihood of that coming to pass in the near future.
If anyone has a St. Andrews flag, kilt, tartan clothes, anything Scottish, please wear them!

January 15, 2016

"English Culture in Moscow (in particular Pub Quizzes!")

Jack Chapman

December 18, 2015

"Reflections on the life and values of a English Gentleman"

Rev'd Clive Fairclough St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Moscow

December 4, 2015

"The Pursuit of Happiness"

Vanessa Burke, Teacher

November 20, 2015

"What Future Are We Preparing Our Children For and What Does 'Good ' Learning Look Like?"

David Lowder, Principal, English International School, Moscow East.

November 6, 2015

"Basics of English Law For International Business People"

Doran Doeh, Partner, Dentons.

October 30, 2015

"The Naming of Parts - The Body and Language"

David Wansbrough

October 23, 2015

"How To Write English. Key Techniques Everyone Should Know"

Ian Mitchell, Writer.

September 25, 2015

"News Media Bias - Key to the Future"

Charles Wiley, Lecturer & Veteran Journalist.

September 11, 2015

"WB Yeats"

David Wansbrough

17th season (2014/2015)

September 19, 2014

"What is 'Goodness'?" (Following on his talk on "Beauty" last ELE season, and a coming talk on "Truth" -- he will have addressed the three verities of many philosophers.)

David Wansbrough

October 3, 2014

"Custine and Co: Foreign Writers in Russia through the Ages"

Jennifer Eremeeva, Author, Blogger.

October 17, 2014

"What is 'Truth'?" (Following on his talk on "Beauty" last ELE season, and his talk on "Goodness" on September 19 -- in this lecture David will address the final of the three verities of many philosophers.)

David Wansbrough

October 24, 2014

"How I Was a Journalist on the Eve of the USSR"

Ann Cooper, Award-Winning Journalist and Foreign Correspondent (NPR, et al); hosted in conjunction with US Embassy International Speakers program.

November 7, 2014.

"Poka Russia -- Reflections at Departure after 24 Years."

Erin Bouma, EL teacher, English editor, author

November 21, 2014

"Mani and Manichaenism"

Mani was Iranian prophet and the founder of Manichaeism, a Gnostic religion of 3rd century AD in the Sasanian Empire. He was also a writer and painter of miniatures. Manichaeism absorbed and claimed to surpass the teachings of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity. Based on a dualism of Light and Darkness and Good and Evil in the world -- its ideas directly or indirectly influenced much subsequent thought and belief, even onto today. Mani declared himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ. As a Gnostic religion it spread east from Iran to China and west from Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire up to the Middle Ages, and beyond.

Abolghasem Esmailpour, Professor of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran -- author, mythologist.

December 12, 2014

"The Future of Ancient Poetry"

Martin Cooke, Performance Poet, Theatre Director and Actor.

January 16, 2015

"How to Become a Prime Minister or CEO!"

Dr. Sam Potolicchio -- Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of Global Leadership Studies at the Russian Presidential Academy for National Economy and Public Administration, Distinguished Professor at Georgetown University, USA, and President of Preparing Global Leaders Foundation, Moscow, Skopje, and Amman.

January 30, 2015

"Becoming an Adventurer: What Does It Take to Become an adventurer? "

Galya Morrell -- Russian-American performance and multimedia artist, reporter and photographer, co-founder of Expedition Avannaa and Ole Jorgen Hammeken -- Greenlandic polar explorer, educator, author and actor actor and co-founder of Expedition Avannaa

February 13, 2015

"English: Whose Language Is It Anyway?"

Philip Gill, EL teacher and language consultant

February 27, 2015

"Shakespeare: The Unfinished Drama of Our Becoming Human"

Andrew Wolpert -- Former lecturer in literature, language, history of art at Emerson College, England; currently at the teacher training college Freie Hochschule University in Stuttgart with a focus on English language, culture, history, art of the Renaissance, William Shakespeare, Language and Christology; lectures world-wide and gives seminars on Literature, Philology, and the History of Art.

March 13, 2015 NOTE: This event will take place in the "reading room" of the Chekhov Library.

Quiz Night! -- So you think you know Russia? Prove it, take the test! Prizes for the brightest & best!!

Luc Jones, Commercial Director Antal Russia (a leading mid-to-senior level executive recruitment agency)

March 27, 2015

"The Unconscious Mind: Where Does the Idea Come From?"

Roger Smith, author, retired Professor Lancaster University (UK) in science, intellectual history.

April 10, 2015

"The Soviet-American Sail of 1989: Remembering the Adventures and Lessons of that Atlantic Ocean Journey 25 Years Later"

Mary Shea, recent alumni program manager of Eurasia FLEX, and now Eco Green Committee Chair at the Anglo American School.

The New York Times (March 20, 1989): "Soviet-American Group Plans Voyage for Peace"

"25 years after the Soviet-American Sail - We're still in the same boat" by Nadine Bloch (July 26, 2014)

April 17, 2015

"Stories That Change Perception"
David about this lecture: "Remarkable individuals influence our lives. In retrospect we find that there were moments when we really felt alive because our minds, no, our whole essence, seemed more capable of understanding our existence. Why are some people are more remarkable and individualized than others?"

David Wansbrough, poet, painter, author, speaker

May 8, 2015

"Stories from Life...What Is Considered 'Normal'?"

Every person has a "Baseline for Normal" created from family, culture, environment and experience. This familiar condition of "normal" is regarded by many people as healthy or OK because it is so common; however in actuality, the baseline often is quite unhealthy. Starting in 2002, Marilyn Murray has had the unique opportunity of listening to the personal stories of over 2,800 persons who were raised in the former USSR.. She will share portions of these stories as they reflect the "Baselines for Normal" of these participants and their families. She will discuss the long-term effects of unhealthy norms and the results of changing to healthy, new baselines.

Marilyn Murray, Professor, Author, President - The Murray Method International Center, Moscow

May 22, 2015

"A View from The Bench -- A US Trial Judge's Perspective"

Judge George Hardesty, Jr.

May 29, 2015

Four-in-One ELE! (NB: This will be the last ELE lecture of the 17th season, and the last lecture of "ELE I".)
This will be a 4-in-1 ELE. There will be: 1. A review of the history of ELE I, with an introduction of the host of ELE II: John Harrison, 2. A book launch of Stephen's second book: a collection of essays newly translated into Russian, 3. A time for remembrances of ELE, and farewells to Stephen (moving to Concord, MA), 4. A small party!

16th season (2013/2014)

September 20, 2013

"Boring Lecture? Change Your Mind! Lessons Learned from 15 years of Lectures with ELE"
You will never experience a lecture the same way again!

Stephen Lapeyrouse, founder and host of ELE, author, essayist

October 4, 2013

"Awaken Your Super Human Potential: Control Your Mind and You Can Control Your World"

A Lecture by Gabriel Kozulan, Director of the Australian Cultural Center in Moscow, and Organizer of the Australian Odyssey Festival

October 18, 2013

"Contemporary Country Music and the American Idea: Part II"

David Firestein, Vice President, East-West Institute

November 1, 2013

"US-Russia Relations after Snowden"

George Krasnov, President of Russia & America Goodwill Association

November 15, 2013

"Not Your Average Girl: My Journey to Moscow"

Thabang Motsei, News Anchor and International Correspondent with Russia Today

Please see the photo report on Thabi's lecture here

November 29, 2013

"West vs. East: Did the Cold War end, and what is the next step?"

Liam McGrath, EL teacher, Blogger, Student of Faculty of Russian Studies, Sheffield University, UK, Host Радио Стрим London

December 20, 2013

"Is Moscow Haunted: Ghost Stories in Moscow."

Stephen Wilson, Scot, Author, English Language Teacher, Storyteller

December 20, 2013 at 21:15>

"December 20, 2013 ELE Get-Together" For details click here.

January 17, 2014

"An Actor's Life in Russia, the UK and the US"

Jonathan Bex, Artistic Director of Moscow English Theatre

January 31, 2014

"Building a Community for All: How a non-disabled person from Chicago became an advocate for persons with disabilities in Russia."

Denise Roza, Founder and Director of the Disability NGO Perspektiva and Director of Best Buddies Russia

February 14, 2014

"After 23 years in Russia; I am still a foreigner!"

John Kopiski, Farmer, Extremist, Pensioner; Brit living in Russia since 1991, Russian Citizen since 1997. Founder agricultural and tourist complex Bogdarya.

February 28, 2014

"The Great Patriotic War in Western Popular Culture"

James Connolly, formerly US Army, EL teacher, translator, editor, voice actor

March 14, 2014

"On Being a Successful American Entrepreneur, Mom, and Author in Russia: 17 Years Experience"

Teri Lindeberg, CEO of Recruitment Firm Staffwell, Mother of 3 boys, and Author of Making Perfect

March 28, 2014

"Looking at Faces"

David Wansbrough

April 11, 2014

"Jane Austen and Russia"

Tim Bullamore is the owner, editor and publisher of Jane Austen’s Regency World, a bimonthly magazine dedicated to all things Austen, Regency and Georgian. He is a journalist and lectures worldwide.

April 18, 2014

"Russian Australia's Strange Geography, Weird Animals and Strange Weird People"

Nicholai Drozdov and David Wansbrough

TUESDAY April 29, 2014

"The Ancient Persian Faith: Zoroastrianism"

Abolghasem Esmailpour, Professor of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran -- author, mythologist

May 16, 2014

"Treating Psychological Trauma in Russia"

Marilyn Murray, American, Author, US Psychologist


"Why Russians Don't Smile?"

Luc Jones, Partner, Antal Russia; Author: "Why Russians Don't Smile? -- A Guide to Doing Business in Russia and the CIS" (2013)

June 6, 2014

Lecture CANCELLED by speaker.

15th season (2012/2013)

September 21, 2012

"Immigrancy or Fuzzy Literature in the Global Village"

Prof. Manoucher Parvin, widely known as a polymath, has published novels, poems, short-stories, and numerous scholarly works in various fields of social science. For further information see: www.mparvin.com

September 28, 2012

"Marshal Georgy Zhukov: Russian Hero or Stalin's Stooge?"

Professor Geoffrey Roberts, author of a major new biography Stalin's General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov, will explore Zhukov's turbulent life and career and assess whether or not he was the greatest general of the Second World War who saved Russia and Europe from Nazi barbarism. British by birth, Professor Roberts is Head of the School of History at University College Cork, Ireland. He is the author of many previous works on Soviet history, including the acclaimed and controversial Stalin's Wars: From World War ti Cold War, 1939-1953. For more information see: www.geoffreyroberts.net

October 12, 2012

"W. B. Yeats"

David Wansbrough
Come for an evening you wont forget!

October 26, 2012

"The Spiritual Struggle for Russia"

David Wansbrough

November 9, 2012

"Sherlock Holmes' English for the 21st century: From 'Elementary, Watson' to 'Brainy is the new sexy'"

Tim Wall, Editor-in-Chief Moscow News

November 23, 2012

"The Capitalist Adventures in Moscow of One Son of American Labor"

John Reuther, Chairman & CEO of JSR Holdings Limited

December 14, 2012

Birthday party to celebrate a jubilee year of the ELE host, with an account of his life leading to Russia, and a party.

And here is from the organizer of the party:

Dear Friends,

We have prepared a Party - Friday, December 14, 19:00 - to congratulate Stephen on his Birthday this week. Please come if you can. It is going to be a unique ELE - with Happy Music of the 60s-70s, pictures of those times, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear Stephen's Life Story leading to ELE's success in Russia, a number of friendly ELE ceremonies and a classic Birthday Party with dancing and goodies to complete the happiness.
We are waiting for You. Let us make a present to Stephen by creating the Happy Day he remembers. (You are most welcome to bring any goodies appropriate for Birthday Parties with you).

Thank You!
Please click here to see some photos of Stephen's Dec 14th, 2012 ELE/Birthday party, followed by the requested recipe of the birthday carrot cake made by Oksana Danchevskaya!

December 28, 2012

2012 Christmas party

English Language Evenings invites everybody to its Christmas party on December 28 from 7-10 pm!!!

You'll find a warm and friendly atmosphere, cheerful socializing, good music, food and drink, dancing, games, lotteries, quizzes, interesting contests, and more!

Come and bring your friends to enjoy the evening!

Please bring something tasty to eat or drink to share. Think eg Christmas sweets and eggnog for which there are plenty of sites on the net with recipes!


January 18, 2013

"Life in Big Cities: Neighborhoods in New York and Moscow"

Catherine Blanchard, Editor in Chief at Element, Native of New York City

February 8, 2013

"The Language of Culture, the Culture of Language"

Fran Westbrook, English Language Officer, US Embassy Moscow

February 22, 2013

"Humor and Food - How To Survive Two Decades in Russia"

Jennifer Eremeeva, Independent Free Lance Writer, author of Russia Lite and The Moscovore

March 15, 2013

"You Do Not Have to Be Crazy to Farm in Russia...but It Helps"

John Kopiski, Farmer, Extremist, Pensioner, Patriot; Brit living in Russia since 1991, Russian Citizen since 1997. See an interview with him, in Russian, about his life in Russia. Bogdarnya on Facebook.

March 29, 2013

"The Life of Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay"

David Wansbrough, Bard

Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay lived a strange life. Expelled from Russian education as a nobleman who identified with common people, he briefly studied with Haeckel the evolutionary biologist. Although carrying a letter from Huxley, he did not believe in the superiority of the European races, and was the first white man to live in New Guinea (the previously named Cannibal Coast is now named the Maclay Coast after him). He founded a large marine biology institute in Australia and fearlessly married the Prime Minister's daughter. He created many aboriginal dictionaries and gave 34 scientific lectures to the Linnaean Society before returning to die in Russia. A pension was granted to his wife, his children and descendants by Tsar Alexander III. This was continued by Nikolai II, Lenin and for many years by Stalin. There is one grandson in Australia still living who received each month communist silver rubles. Why is Miklouho-Maclay almost unknown in the West?

April 19, 2013

"Tragedy and Beauty"

David Wansbrough, Bard

May 17, 2013

"Pofigizm and the Russian Work Ethic: Is the Soviet Union Responsible?"

Michael Bohm, Opinion Page Editor, The Moscow Times

May 31, 2013

"Why Does the West Hate Russia So Much?"

Ben Aris, Editor-in-Chief, Business New Europe

14th season (2011/2012)

September 23, 2011

"From Pushkin to Yeats and Heaney: The Poet and National Identity"
Ambassador of Ireland Philip McDonagh

MONDAY October 3, 2011

"Culture as Diplomacy: The Role of Music, Art and Literature in International Relations Today"
Assistant Professor Maureen O'Neill

October 7, 2011

"What Do Women Really Want?"
David Wansbrough
Come for an evening you wont forget!

October 21, 2011

"Little David in a Big World"
An evening with David Wansbrough

October 28, 2011

"Inconspicuous Partners: Bullying, Suicide and School Violence."
Butch Losey
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor from US state of Ohio

November 18, 2011

Russians vs Democracy?:
An Open Floor Discussion on the Question 'Are Russians Incapable of Democracy?'
Moderated by ELE Host Stephen Lapeyrouse

December 9, 2011

"Malchik Meets Girl: Tales from a Russian-American Marriage"
Toni Hull
English Language Fellow, Moscow (US Office of English Language Programs)

December 23, 2011

American Erin Bouma will speak on Christmas Time Experiences, followed by A CHRISTMAS PARTY!
For more information, click: CHRISTMAS Party!
Click here to see the photo report on 2011 Christmas Party

January 13, 2012

"Comrade Cowboy -- Building a Russian Beef Industry"
Darrell Stevenson
A Montana Breeding Ranch Owner -- who is transplanting a ranch, complete with horses and cowboys, to the Voronezh region in southern Russia

January 20, 2012

"The Facebook Revolution: How Social Media Is Changing Russia"
Tim Wall
Editor-in-Chief, The Moscow News

February 10, 2012

"'Houston, we have a problem!' -- International Relations in Space Travel"
Steve Quenneville
NASA International Liaison Specialist -- Houston-Korolyov

February 24, 2012

"Arab Spring to Russian Spring? -- An American Journalist in Moscow"
Jim Brooke
Moscow Bureau Chief, Voice of America

March 2, 2012

"Experiences of Young Diplomats Representing a Democratic South Africa"
Fulu Themeli, Second Secretary Political and Thembani Maluleke, Third Secretary Political, South African Embassy, Moscow
New in Moscow, seeing snow for their first time, two young diplomats will speak about growing up in rural areas of South Africa, being accepted into the cadet programme of the Department of International Relations and Co-operation and now discovering themselves in a world remote from anything they have ever imagined before.

March 16, 2012

Irish music, discussion on Irish culture, buffet and games.
Welcome to the Party! The fun starts at 19:00, consists of games, dance, songs and continues till around 21:30.
Click here to see the photo report on 2012 St. Patrick Party

March 23, 2012

"From Beverly Hills to Moscow: How in the World I Got Here and Why I Brought Over 80 Hollywood Stars!"
Bob Van Ronkel
American Producer and the President of "Doors to Hollywood", a company that in the last 10 years has brought over 80 world famous Hollywood stars and bands to Russia and other countries for many different festivals, parties, special events and concerts.

April 13, 2012

"Psychological Rites of Passage Mark Our Progress Towards Individuality"
David Wansbrough
Bard, Australian

April 27, 2012

Lecture by Ian Mitchell

May 4, 2012

"Woman Wanted: Must Fit All the Stereotypes"
A Conversation with Helen Womack
Author, Journalist (The Times of London, The Sydney Morning Herald, et al)

May 18, 2012

"America's Chocolate Wars!"
Kore Gleason
Director -- American Center Moscow
Chocolate has long hypnotized children and adults alike, believed for thousands of years to contain spiritual, medicinal and romantic powers. Myths from many cultures describe cacao as the food of the gods, and it's hard not to feel a slice of divinity when that piece of chocolate melts in your mouth! The business of chocolate in the U.S. is anything but sweet. The stories and personalities of the founders of America's greatest chocolate empires - Milton Hershey and Forrest Mars - plunge us into tales of creativity, espionage, personality clashes and high secretive techniques that have left companies in lawsuits and political wrangling. Come learn more about the mystery and intrigue of the world of America's sweets; you won't look at an American candy the same again!

May 25, 2012

"Seeing Ourselves in the Other - Lessons from the Rwanda Genocide"
Carl Wilkens
Director of World Outside My Shoes Foundation
A humanitarian aid worker, Carl Wilkens moved to Rwanda with his family in 1990. When the genocide began in April 1994, Wilkens refused to leave. He was the only American to remain in the country, though thousands of expatriates evacuated and the United Nations pulled out most of their troops. Come and hear his story of these events.

13th season (2010/2011)

September 24, 2010

"David's New Zealand Childhood"
David Wansbrough
Poet, author, lecturer, painter, performer, preacher, teacher...
Very popular ELE speaker David Wansbrough will tell stories about his life in New Zealand. If you have neven heard David speak, it is an evening experience you wont forget!

October 1, 2010
"Experiences with Couchsurfers and American Literature in Moscow"
Erin Bouma
Author, Lecturer, EL teacher, Assistant Editor English; host of American Literature club at the American Center in the Library of Foreign Literature This lecture will be 100 rubles, as it is also a fund-raiser for Erin with her visa ordeals!

October 15, 2010
"Great Individuals in History"
David Wansbrough
In sum: a kind of bard.If you have not attended a talk with David, it is an evening you should regret if you never experience one! Come early to get a good seat!This lecture will be 100r, as it is to help defray David's travel expenses.

October 22, 2010
"The Russian Word's Worth: Charting Change through Language"
Michele Berdy
Famous Moscow Times Columnist! Michele is publishing a book, and copies will be for sale that evening. (You can learn about it by clicking here.)

November 12, 2010
"Conservation of Khamchatka's Natural Heritage"
Laura Williams
Author The Storks Nest: Life and Love in the Russian Countryside, Senior Advisor for Wild Salmon Center and World Wildlife Fund Russia. For more information, see the website of Laura's husband Igor Shpilenok.

November 26, 2010
"The Nature of Evil: A Challenge to Human Consciousness"
Robert Stewart
Lecturer, Waldorf School History Teacher To locate copy to print of lecture handout, click here.

December 10, 2010
"Extreme English! -- Writing a Language Column for Muscovites for Fun and (Very Little) Profit"
Mark H. Teeter
Visiting and Adjunct Professor, Moscow News columnist

January 14, 2011
"Challenges of Cross-Cultural Diversity in Diplomacy"
Australian Ambassador Margaret Twomey

February 11, 2011
"The Contemporary American Short Story"
Jeff Parker
Author, Fulbright Scholar, Teacher Creative Writing RGGU

February 25, 2011
"American Theatre State of the Art"
Thomas Santos
English Language Officer, U.S. Embassy in Moscow

March 11, 2011
"Pop English: Learning to Speak via Horror Stories and Daytime TV "
Natalia Antonova, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News
Fluent in English and Russian, with a degree in English Literature with distinction at Duke University in North Carolina, playwright and currently Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News

April 1, 2011
"The Psychology of Jokes"
David Wansbrough
Poet, author, lecturer, painter, performer, preacher, teacher... Very popular ELE speaker.
If you have neven heard David speak, it is an evening experience you wont forget!

April 15, 2011
"The Religious Experience"
David Wansbrough

May 13, 2011
"Hitler: Stalin's Protege, Protagonist and Propaganda Tool"
Ian Mitchell
Author, Presenter of Russian Book World for Voice of Russia, Books Editor Passport Magazine

TUESDAY June 7, 2011
Tea Party Nation: The State of American Politics in 2011
David Firestein
Vice President of the East-West Institute (a New York City-Based Foreign Policy Think Tank)
David spoke 5 times to ELE in 2000-2002, and was a very popular speaker.
Visiting Moscow, ELE is happy to be able to host this talk!

12th season (2009/2010)

September 18, 2009
Animal Welfare Developments in Britain and Russia from the 19th Century to the Present Day."
James Hogan
Vice Chairman
Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre, London

September 25, 2009
"How do we see?"  A lecture on how we selectively see. How our belief structures and education determine our personal worlds.
David Wansbrough
Author, Lecturer, Poet

October 9, 2009br>"Finding Identity in Multi-Cultural Australia"
David Wansbrough
Author, Lecturer, Poet
This will be his last ELE before returning to Australia

October 23, 2009
"What is Protestantism?"
Pastor Bob Bronkema
Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy

November 13, 2009
"The Importance of Being Wrong: Reflections on Public Politics in America and Russia"
Sam Greene
Deputy Director Carnegie Moscow Center

November 27, 2009
"What Is Right (and Wrong) with Russian Men?"
Diedre Dare, "sExpat" Columnist, Moscow News

December 11, 2009
"Art & Literature in London & Moscow – International Cultural Relations & the Work of the British Council in Russia"
Rosemary Hilhorst, Director British Council Russia

December 18, 2009

"Twas the Week Before Christmas... - An Evening on the History, the Heart and Soul, and the Celebration of Christmas in America"
Stephen Lapeyrouse, Founder of ELE, Author, Editor

January 22, 2010
"Covering Russia: Reflections on Reporting Russia" (Rather than a lecture, this will be a conversation on the topic, with...)
Fred Weir
Moscow Correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor

February 12, 2010
"How Science Fiction Reflects American Culture"
Lisa Gregory
Deputy Cultural Attache US Embassy Moscow

February 26, 2010
"The World's Columbian Exposition and the City Beautiful Movement."
Russell Lewis
Chicago History Museum's Executive Vice President and Chief Historian

March 19, 2010
"Charlie Parker: Jazz Genius, Jazz Tragedy"
Helen Campbell
Collegiate Professor, University of Maryland, Heidelberg, Germany.

March 26, 2010
"Do Artists and Scientists Ever Collaborate?"
Lloyd Anderson
Deputy Director, British Council Moscow

April 9, 2010
"Should Stalin Be Celebrated on Victory Day?"
Tim Wall
Editor-in-Chief Moscow News

MONDAY April 26, 2010
"Going to the Polls: The British General Election"
Dr. Laurie Bristow
Minister and Deputy Head of Mission to British Embassy Moscow

May 14, 2010
"Painful US Democracy in the Age of Obama"
Linnea Goodwin Burwood
Fulbright Scholar, Moscow 2009-2010

11th season (2008/2009)

October 17, 2008
"Chads, Soccer Moms and Swing States:
A Glimpse of US Culture through 'Electionspeak'"
David Fay, English Language Officer, U.S. Embassy Moscow

October 31, 2008
"Green Development -- An Introduction"
John Harrison, British journalist with a specialisation in real estate. Editor Passport Magazine

November 14, 2008
"50 Years as a Translator"
George Watts, Translator, Announcer

November 21, 2008
"Who Was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?"
By Charles Borden, Investment Banker, Author

TUESDAY December 9, 2008
"The History of the Irish Language"
Peter O'Conner, Consul, Embassy of Ireland

January 23, 2009
"'Big-4' Firms and the Development of Real Estate Markets in Russia - A Guess to Where It Is Leading."
Gerald Gaige, Partner, Ernst & Young

February 6, 2009
"The Life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn"
Yermolai Solzhenitsyn 
Managing Partner Moscow Office, McKinsey &Company

TUESDAY February 24, 2009
"The English Press in Russia"
Maxine Maters, Former Publisher Moscow Times, 20 year resident in Russia

March 6, 2009
"Being an American Serviceman"
Andrew Hardisty, Former non-comissioned officer, US Navy

March 27, 2009
"The International Space Station:
Russian-American Cooperation Leading a World-wide Partnership in Space"
Mark A. Bowman, M.S., Manager, Moscow Technical Liaison Office (MTLO)
Deputy Director, NASA's Human Space Flight Program-Russia (HSFP-R)

TUESDAY April 7, 2009
"The Evolution of Consciousness as 'Pictured' in the History of Art"
Slide Show and Presentation by
Robert Stewart, Waldorf Teacher, Lecturer

TUESDAY April 21, 2009

"Space Shuttle Flight-118: A Mission to Build the International Space Station"
Slide Show and Presentation
Benjamin Alvin Drew, Jr. (Colonel, USAF), NASA Astronaut (12 days in space in 2007)
Director of NASA Operations at ЦПК (Gagarin Center for Cosmonaut Preparation)

May 15, 2009
"Scotland, Scotch and Scots Humour"
Ian Mitchell,
Scottish Author

May 29, 2009
"Paul Robeson: the Artist as Political Casualty"
Helen Campbell, Author and Lecturer

10th season (2007/2008)

October 19, 2007
Cranky Yankees at Home and Abroad: Acting the Lives of J. Q. Adams, Daniel Webster, Calvin Coolidge, and Edward Everett
James Cooke
Actor, Historian, from Quincy, Massachusetts

November 2, 2007
The Role of Political Parties in the USA
Nicolas Katsakis
Political Section, US Embassy

November 16, 2007
Something temporarily gained, but something permanently lost: What happens when old cities like Moscow disappear?
Guy Archer
Editor, AmCham News

November 30, 2007
Women of the World
Monica Howkins
Vice President, International Women's Club, Moscow

December 14, 2007
The Scottish Enlightenment and the Rule of Law:
Reflections Then and Now, in Scotland and Russia
Ian Mitchell
Author and writer from Scotland

February 1, 2008
America’s Struggle to Understand Itself:
Rap, Blogging, Youthspeak and Spanglish
David Fay
English Language Officer, U.S. Embassy Moscow

February 15, 2008
Life in New Zealand
Rowena Hume
Deputy Head of Mission, New Zealand Embassy

March 7, 2008
Peter Kropotkin - Revolutionary Idea(l)s that Apply Today
Ross Hunter
Headmaster, English International School (Moscow)

March 14, 2008
The Body Phantastique:
Anatomy and Physiology from the Point of View of Soul and Spirit
By Robert Stewart
Director of the Institute for Advanced Homeopathic Studies,
Trained Waldorf Art History Teacher

April 11, 2008
Who is Barak Obama?
By Michael Cordy
Private Consultant

April 25, 2008
Why do people hate poetry?
David Wansbrough
Australian poet, author, lecturer

May 16, 2008
A Cabaret!: Moscow is mad! -- Reflections on Beautiful, Terrible, Wonderful, Mad Moscow
Rather than a simple lecture, David Wansbrough describes his May 16 evening "Moscow is mad!" as a "cabaret performance, with singers, storytelling, illusions and delusions...about life in Moscow"
David Wansbrough
Australian poet, author, lecturer

May 30, 2008
Highlights and Insights to 18 Years in Russia -- Thoughts at Departing
Erin Bouma
Freelance teacher, Teacher Trainer, Coursebook author, Leader of American Literature Discussion Club in Moscow

June 24, 2008
The Cabaret of Professor Woland!
David Wansbrough, poet and author

9th season (2006/2007)

October 13, 2006
Irish Writers on Continental Europe during the
Second World War -- Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and Francis Stuart
Dr Niall Keogh
Visiting Lecturer in Department of History at MSU

October 20, 2006
Money:  Comparing American and Russian Attitudes
Nadja Krylov
American Management Consultant and Seminar Leader

November 10, 2006
World War II Was Only Yesterday: The View from Berlin in the 1980's
Jeff Sexton
US Embassy, Deputy Cultural Officer

November 17, 2006
"Russia-NATO Relations: Moving Beyond Cultural Differences"
Lionel Ponsard
Deputy Director NATO Information Office Moscow

December 15, 2006
"An Octogenarian Journalist Looks Back at Changes in the World --
Growing Up in Different Eras and Witnessing a Global Paradigm Shift"
Charles Wiley
Veteran News Correspondent who has lectured in 100 countries, and had worldwide experiences since World War II.

February 2, 2007
Communist Collapse, Currency Crash, and Petroleum Power: Impressions of a Foreign Correspondent in Moscow
James Rodgers
BBC Correspondent

February 9, 2007
Biography Evening: A Talk with Michele Berdy
Michele Berdy
Moscow Times' Columnist

March 2, 2007
Playing Don Giovanni
(The lecture will include some singing accompanied by piano!)
Boris Martinovich
Internationally-know bass-baritone

March 13, 2007
The Unknown Russia
Bill Gasperini
American CBS News Correspondent

April 6, 2007
Seeing Scotland: Historical Places and Themes
Ian Mitchell
Author of two books on Scotland and writer.

May 4, 2007
The Roots of US Foreign Policy
Bob Beatty
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Washburn University

May 11, 2007
How the US Stock Market Works
James Beatty
Financial Advisor and Business Owner
Senior Vice President, Investments - Beatty-Barber Group
Citigroup-Smith Barney

May 15, 2007
W. B. Yeats -- Poet for the Future
David Wansbrough
Australian Poet, Writer, Lecturer
One of the most popular ELE speakers -- now rarely in Moscow. Come early if you want a seat!

May 22, 2007
Ireland -- Present and Past
Mr Aidan Kirwan
Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ireland to the Russian Federation

Charity Donation:
On the last meeting of this season, ELE will, as usual, donate the speakers' honoraria to a charity in Moscow. This time it will be donated to Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Moscow on behalf of the following speakers during the past two years: Bob Beatty, James Beatty, Michele Berdy, Tobias Bradford, Bill Gasperini, John Harrison, Niall Keogh, Nadja Krylov, Masha Lippmann, Boris Martinovich, Lionel Ponsard, James Rodgers, Jeff Sexton, Raymond Stultz, Charles Wiley.

May 25, 2007
The Mysterious Wisdom of English Nursery Rhymes
David Wansbrough
Australian Poet, Writer, Lecturer
One of the most popular ELE speakers -- now rarely in Moscow. Come early if you want a seat!

June 8, 2007
The Loveliest Words in English -- Why Read Poetry?
David Wansbrogh

8th season (2005/2006)

October 21, 2005
John Harrison, Editor Passport Magazine
"The '60s -- My View from the Inside"

November 11, 2005
Andrew Kuchins,
Director Carnegie Moscow Center
"Russia, China, and the USA: New Angles to the Triangle?"

November 25, 2005
Raymond Stultz
Classical Music, Ballet and Opera Critic for
The Moscow Times
"The Bolshoi Theater: Ups and Downs Over 230 Seasons"

December 23, 2005
ELE will meet  for an open conversation on the topic:
"Christmas and New Year: What Do They Mean to You, Our Nations and Our Cultures?"
This will be an evening moderated by ELE host Stephen Lapeyrouse, where everyone will be able to come to the stage and express their personal views on this evening's topic.

February 10, 2006
Tobias Bradford
Second Secretary, Public Affairs US Embassy Moscow
"Civil Society:  the Roots of a Dynamic Community "

February 21, 2006
Erin Bouma
Editor Newspaper English, English Language Teacher
"LESSONS LEARNED: What 15 years in Russia have taught an American"

March 24, 2006
Dr. Bob Beatty
Assistant Professor of Political Science,
Washburn University
"US Politics and the Dynamics of the Iraq Conflict"

April 14, 2006

Piers Gladstone
Free-lance Travel Writer
"Inner States - The Story of a Journey to Discover What the American Flag Means to Americans"

April 21, 2006
Erin Bouma
Editor Newspaper English, Lecturer, English Language Teacher
"Discover America through its Literature – Historical and Regional Aspects of America Captured in Novels, Short Stories, Plays and Poetry"

May 12, 2006
Tobias Bradford,
Second Secretary, Public Affairs US Embassy Moscow
"The Roots of Terrorism"

May 26, 2006

John Bonar
Photo Journalist
"Across Russia in a Mad Winter Car Race"
An account of the 2006 Murmansk-Vladivostok Expedition Trophy car race, from February 23rd to Vladivostok on March 8th.

7th season (2004/2005):

October 22,  2004:
Dan O'Grady
Deputy Cultural Attache
US Embassy Moscow
"The US Elections:  What the Polls Don't Tell You"

November 12,  2004
Martha Steffens
Visiting Professor, Moscow State University
Chair of Business and Financial Journalism
University of Missouri
" Bad News from Russia: Why Fearful Journalists Can't Report the News"

November 26, 2004:
Masha Lipman
Pro and Contra Editor; monthly op-ed columnist for the Washington Post; often and regularly interviewed by major Western news media on Russia; contributor to many publications, e.g. New Yorker, Moscow Times.
Russia Groping for Self Identity: 1917, 1990, 1612

December 17, 2004
Bruce Jones
First Secretary, Australian Embassy Moscow
Australia: Myth and Reality

January 21, 2005:
John Brown
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Georgetown University
Washington DC
Re-Inventing Oneself in America -- Revisited

February  11,  2005: 
Mary Shea
American Councils, Future Leaders Exchange
(FLEX)-EURASIA Alumni Coordinator
An Evening with Some of New England's Legends:
Introducing Mark Twain, Henry Thoreau, Sojourner Truth, John F. Kennedy and a Few of Their Friends

February  25,  2005:
Kirsten Lodge
Fulbright-Hays Fellow to Russia
Columbia University Doctoral Candidate
Decadence in Russian Poetry

March 18, 2005 (Day after St. Patrick's Day)
John Walsh
Irish Lecturer
An Irish Journey: A Brief History of Ireland

April 1, 2005
David Wansbrough
Australian Poet, Author, Lecturer
Know the Dark Side: What is the Shadow of the Soul
(Note: this may be David's last visit to Russia.)

April 22, 2005
His Excellency Justin Harman
Irish Ambassador to Russia
Ireland: A Transformation
Entrance after 18:30; lecture begins at 19:00.
Grokholski Pereulok 5, Moscow
Nearest Metro: Prospekt Mira

May 13, 2005
Myler Wilkinson
Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, where he teaches on Russian culture;

27 May, 2005
Francesca Carlin
Melanie Getreuer
Fulbright Fellows in Russia
The New Feminist: Men in Skirts and Dumb Blondes? An Overview of Women in Politics and the Arts

6th season (2003/2004):

November 26, 2003
Ambassador of South Africa His Excellency Dr Mochubela Jacob Seekoe
"On the Eve of Ten Years of Democracy in South Africa",

December 10, 2003
Michele Berdy, Moscow Times columnist and professional translator
"The Bilingual Mind: Culture, Language and Personality in Russian and English"

February 13, 2004
Professor Greg Garvey,
Associate Professor at SUNY State University of New York) and Co-Director of the Center of Russia and the US at Moscow State University

February 27, 2004
"Ralph Waldo Emerson and American Liberalism"
Ed Salazar US Cultural Attache to Moscow will lead a discussion titled: "What Do Americans Mean When They Talk About Values?"

April 2, 2004
by Dennis Whelan
Visiting Scholar (Russian Studies) Dartmouth College, and Senior Partner and Director of the Center for Russian Law
"In the Maw of the Mouse: Disney, RIAA, and the Ever-expanding World of Copyright"

April 23, 2004
by John Helmer
The longest-serving Western correspondent in Moscow
"Dancing With Bears: Why You Can't Understand Russian Politics By Reading"

May 21, 2004
The last meeting of ELE for this season will be a DISCUSSION held on at 19:00 titled:
"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful: What Is Lost and What Is Gained in Post-Soviet Russia"
moderated by Stephen Lapeyrouse, host of ELE.

5th season (2002/2003):

October 14, 2002:

Dr. William Lan Craig (Research Professor of Philosophy
at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California)
"The Ultimate Question of Origins: God and the Beginning of the Universe"

October 18, 2002:
Geoffe Meade, British Sky News Broadcasting Correspondent
"The First Casualty -- the Life and Reporting Experiences of a TV
Correspondent in Danger Zones"

November 11, 2002:
Laura Kakko, Political Section Finnish Embassy Russia
"Finland and Russia -- a Border Dividing, a Border Uniting"

November 22, 2002:
Ruth Petzold, Ph D, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer for English Language Programs,
US Embassy Russia
"Murderer, Means, Mania, or Mother Tongue?"

December 6, 2002
Karen Fox, PhD., Professor Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley);
and Fulbright Lecturer, Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow.
"From the Industrial Economy to the Service Economy to the Knowledge Economy: 
Transitions that Reshape Our World"

December 16, 2002:
His Excellency Mr. James Sharkey, Ambassador of Ireland
"Modern Ireland"

January 24, 2003
Cynthia Warren, English Language Fellow (US State Dept), Irkutsk
"American West--Russian East: Historical Parallels"

February 14, 2003:
Justine Braithwaite, Australian Embassy Moscow - Cultural Attache
"The Kangaroo and the Bear:
Australia and Russia in the Asia Pacific"

February 21, 2003:
Mr. Satbir Singh, Director Indian Cultural Center Moscow
"Prospects of Indian-Russian Cultural Relations"

March 14, 2003:
His Excellency Dr. Joseph Cassar,
Ambassador of Malta to the Russian Federation
"Malta at the Crossroads of Civilizations"

April 11, 2003:
James Warlick,
Consul-General US Embassy Moscow
"US-Russian Relations Since September 11"

April 25, 2003:
Mark Sleboda,
Chair, Democrats Abroad, Russia
"Analysis of the Iraqi War"

May 16, 2003:
Lynn Berry, Editor, The Moscow Times
A Conversation with Lynn Berry

May 23, 2003:
James Warlick,
Consul-General, US Embassy Moscow
"The Roots of Rock 'n' Roll"

May 28, 2003:
Heather McGill,
Amnesty International
Development Officer,
International Secretariat, London
"Globalizing Justice: Amnesty International in the World"

4th season (2001/2002):

October 5, 2001:
Johanna Kowitz
Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, Public Affairs Section, American Embassy Moscow
"Seeing the Spirit: One American's View of Russia"

October 16, 2001:

Elizabeth Heresch
Austrian Journalist and Author of Nine Books on Russia
"Russia and the European Union"

November 9, 2001:

Susan King
Associate Director, John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Moscow
"Philanthropy in Russia"

November 16, 2001:
John Helmer
The Longest Serving Western Correspondent in Russia
"Stealing The Truth - How To Read, And Not To Read, The Press In Russia"

December 7, 2001:

Steven Rosenberg
BBC Correspondent Moscow
"Covering the News in Russia"

December 14, 2001:
Ajai Goyal
President Russia Journal
"The State of Russian Democracy - Do Russians Deserve Democracy or Dictatorship"

January 11, 2002:
Tatiana Venediktova
Moscow State University
"H. D. Thoreau and F. M. Dostoyevsky: Communication 'in the Higher Sense"

January 25, 2002:
Robert Nurick
Director, Carnegie Moscow Center (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
"Counter-Terrorism and Civil Liberties -- the US Debates"

February 8, 2002:
David Firestein
Political Section, US Embassy Russia
"George W. Bush: Year One in the White House"

February 22, 2002:

Dr. Toby Clyman
Professor of Russian Literature SUNY;
Director - Center of Russia and the United States, Moscow State University
"Nineteenth Century Russian Women's Autobiographies"

March 12, 2002:
Marlene Thorn Taber, PhD
"The Commercial Theater in New York City"

March 22, 2002:
Michel Hallot
Visiting Professor of Literature, MPSU
"The Television Landscape in the USA: MTV, Fragmentation and Free Speech"

April 12, 2002:
David Firestein, Political Section US Embassy Moscow
"God, Family, Boots, and Beer: Contemporary Country Music and the American Idea"

April 26, 2002:
Christopher Ohan,
Ph.D. Humanities, Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Lecturer MGIMO
"Globalization and the Teaching of History: The Triumph of Relativism"

May 21, 2002:
Sonya Pace,
VOA Bureau Chief, Moscow
"Impressions of Post-Taliban Afganistan"

May 31, 2002:
David Firestein, US Embassy -- Political Section
"Parting Thoughts on a Changing Moscow, 1998-2002"

3d season (2000/2001):

October 25, 2000:
David J. Firestein, Deputy Press Attache, U.S. Embassy,
"Whatever It Takes: The Making of the Next American President"

November 9, 2000:
David Wansbrough, Australian Poet and Author,
"An Australian Poet Experiences the Spirituality of Russia"

November 22, 2000:
Tim Douglas, Peace Corps Country Director, Russia,
"Alligators at My Neck: Experiences of an American Mayor"

December 14, 2000:
Scott Blacklin, President – America Chamber of Commerce in Russia,
"Russian and American Political and Economic Patterns: A Historical Perspective"

January 12, 2001:
Sonya Pace, VOA Bureau Chief,
"Telling Russia’s Story to the World"

February 9, 2001:
Ajai Goyal, President – The Russia Journal,
"The Negative Image of Russia in the Western News Media"

February 23, 2001:
Robert Goeckel, Ph.D. Harvard, Fulbright Scholar,
"Religion in Public Life: A US-Russian Comparison"

March 16, 2001:
David Firestein, US Embassy Moscow,
"The Bear and the Dragon: Russian and Chinese Cultural Commonalties and Differences"

March 30, 2001:
Pamela Spratlen, US Embassy,
"Walking and Talking for Freedom: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

April 13, 2001:
Tim Douglas, Peace Corps Country Director Russia,
"Volunteer Culture in Russia"

April 18, 2001:
Thomas Meyer, Author, Lecturer, Publisher,
"Huntington and Steiner on Russia and the West – Is the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Inevitable?"

April 27, 2001:
Tom Walsh, Deputy Director Education and Regions, British Council Russia,
"The United Kingdom in 2001 – A Country of Nations"

May 11, 2001:
Dr. John Chittick, Ph. D. Harvard University,
"Cultural Differences in the Understanding and Prevention of AIDS"

May 25, 2001:
Mark Luz, McGill University, Central European University, White & Case law firm,
"Competing Visions of Canada: Quebec Nationalism and Canadian Identity"

June 1, 2001:
John Freedman, Theater Critic for The Moscow Times,
"The Theater Scene in Moscow"

2nd season (1999/2000):

October 21, 1999:
Professor Eve Adler, Professor Middlebury College
"Nihilism – American and Russian Style"

November 18, 1999:
John Brown, US Cultural Attache
"Reinventing Oneself in Contemporary America"

January 27, 2000:
Steven Taylor, Country Director Peace Corps
"Globalization in the 21st Century – What Do You Need to Know?"

February 10, 2000:
Johanna Kowitz, English Language Officer, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer,
American Embassy Moscow,
"What Makes an American an American?"

ebruary 24, 2000:
Simon Winetroube, English Language Officer – British Council Moscow
"The Future of English"

March 23, 2000:
John Brown, Cultural Attache – US Embassy
"The Work Ethic in America"

April 13, 2000:
John Helmer, Moscow Tribune
"The Death and Resurrection of Journalism in Russia"

May 11, 2000:
Simon Clanaman, BBC Russian Service, Managing Editor Moscow Office
"The BBC in Russia"

May 25, 2000:
Peter Heinlein, VOA Moscow Bureau Chief
"Five Years is Not Enough"

1st season (1998/1999):

Conversations with:
-- Matt Bivens – Chief Editor The Moscow Times.
-- Arteom Soloveychik – Chief Editor The First of September (Первое Cентября).
-- Katherine Yemelyanov – Assistant Cultural Attache US Embassy, Topic: Feminism, Moscow
-- Rod McCloud/Dimitri Fedosov – Scottish Club Moscow, "Scotland–Russia".
-- Andrew Harding – BBC Correspondent.
-- Tatyana Morozova – Institute of World Literature, Topic: Russia’s View of America.
-- John Brown – US Cultural Attache, US Embassy, Moscow.

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