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Photos of David Wansbrough lecturing

David is in love with Russia. He has visited once or twice a year since 1993 lecturing in MGU's Faculty for Foreign Languages, as a guest of Prof Svetlana Ter-Minasova. He is the Founding Member of MGU's Australia Club. He also regularly lectures in the University of Psychology and Pedagogics, and MGU's Faculties of Law, and International Studies. He has also lectured to students of diplomacy, and theatre and film studies. He has lectured in the Great Hall of the Lenin Library, the House of Scientists, and often in the Chekhov Cultural Centre. He has recited poetry in the Bogolubov Library of Arts, the House of Literature, the Tsvetaeva Apartment-Museum, the Turgeniev Library, and many other venues. He has written theological papers on the Russian Orthodox Church and been active in their, and other's, children's charities.

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