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English Language Evenings is an independent, open, public English-language lecture forum in Moscow, having hosted more than 250 meetings and ~200 different speakers since starting in 1998.

Meeting usually twice a month from September/October to late May, ELE hosts (mostly) native English speakers, often prominent and/or interesting individuals from Moscow's greater English-language and/or foreign-resident community, visitors, et al, giving lectures on topics of their own choosing.

Among the PURPOSES of ELE is the providing of an intelligent-intellectual evening in Moscow in English, the presentation of a wide variety of topics and speakers, and the promotion of more personal contacts between the speakers and Russians in Moscow. ELE is, in the context of Moscow, a kind of distant descendent of the Lyceum Movement started in 19th century America, and a direct one of "Penny University" in Santa Cruz, California.

All visitors, Russians and "expats" are welcome!

The Host

The HOST of ELE II is John Harrison, Editor of Moscow Expat Life, artist, Brit.

The founder of ELE Stephen Lapeyrouse has moved on to further activities in Lexington, Massachusetts, but will be helping coordinate "ELE II" with its host John Harrison. Stephen is the author of "Towards the Spiritual Convergence of America and Russia", "В поисках "Американской мечты" - Избранные эссе", and his website can be found at AmericanReflections.net.


ELE has now hosted 250+ meetings with ~200 SPEAKERS from many countries: from astronauts to adventurers, ambassadors and attaches of various embassies; Fulbright scholars; visiting and resident professors; well-known Moscow journalists (from the Moscow Times, Moscow News, Russia Journal, etc.) and international TV and radio correspondents (BBC, VOA, Sky News); social activists; heads of institutions (e.g. AmCham, Moscow Carnegie Center, Amnesty International), and just interesting individuals, et al, on a wide variety of lecture topics. To view a full list of previous speakers/lectures, click here.


Lectures, travelers, writers, adventurers, et al! If you would like to give a public lecture in Moscow, contact the host of ELE II. Contact: harrison@outlook.com


Lectures are held in the: Chekhov Library/Cultural Center Strastnoi Bulvar 6 Moscow (Just north of the Metro Chekhovskaya street exit -- somewhat across from the large cinema at Pushkin Square -- look for the "6" on the building; go through the tunnel/arch to the back side of the building. Take the first gate/door immediately as you exit the tunnel.) Click here for map!

Here you can find a link to Chekhov Library web site, and this is a link to Library page on Facebook


Meetings are usually, but not always, Fridays, so pay close attention to dates! Lectures usually start at 19:00, followed by Q&As, discussion, comments, etc; and ending about 21:00.

Notifications on ELE activities


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The 17th season, 2014/2015

The 18th season, 2015/2016, will begin September 11, 2015,and lectures will be added gradually during the weeks and months.

To review this past, 17th season (2014/2015) click here.

To review 16th Season (2013/2014) click here.

To review the 15th season (2012/2013) click here.

NOTE: There are sometimes unplanned but necessary changes in lecturers and/or ELE dates. This is rare, but it does happen. If you are on the email list (see above) you will be notified asap; if not, it is recommended to check back here before a lecture to confirm. Efforts are made to let people know when changes occur; but best is to check here just in case.

The 18th season, 2015/2016

September 11, 2015

"WB Yeats"

David Wansbrough

September 25, 2015

"News Media Bias - Key to the Future"

Charles Wiley, Lecturer & Veteran Journalist.

October 23, 2015

"How To Write English. Key Techniques Everyone Should Know"

Ian Mitchell, Writer.

October 30, 2015

"The Naming of Parts - The Body and Language"

David Wansbrough

November 6, 2015

"Basics of English Law For International Business People"

Doran Doeh, Partner, Dentons.

November 20, 2015

"What Future Are We Preparing Our Children For and What Does 'Good ' Learning Look Like?"

David Lowder, Principal, English International School, Moscow East.

December 4, 2015

"The Pursuit of Happiness"

Vanessa Burke,Teacher

December 18, 2015

"Reflections on the life and values of a English Gentleman"

Rev'd Clive Fairclough St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Moscow

January 15, 2016

"English Culture in Moscow (in particular Pub Quizzes!")

Jack Chapman Pub Quizzes

January 29, 2016

"Scotland the Brave!"

On the 29th of January, Ian Mitchell will give an overview of Scotland's thousand year-long relationship with England, the three hundred year-long story of the Union between the two countries and the hundred year-long growth of ideas in Scotland for unravelling that Union. He will end with a personal assessment of the likelihood of that coming to pass in the near future.
If anyone has a St. Andrews flag, kilt, tartan clothes, anything Scottish, please wear them!

February 12, 2016

It's Too Late to Stop Now... on being educated by music in America.

John Freedman will deliver a lecture on February the 12th entitled: It's Too Late to Stop Now... on being educated by music in America.
John Freedman has made his living writing about Russian theater, drama and literature, but his secret love is American music, or, at least, music inspired by American music. That means rock, jazz, folk, anything that musically reflects the American idiom. That may mean the music of Irishman Van Morrison, one of the greatest interpreters of American music ever, or it may mean Bob Dylan, who has incorporated and transformed the American musical idiom more than anyone else in his time. John spent his early years in the 1970s near Los Angeles driving into the city to catch all - or, at least, most - of the great musicians coming through town. He still lives by what they taught him, or, as Bruce Sprinsteen famously sang: "I learned more from a three-minute record, baby, than I ever learned in school!"

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